Sourdough Bread Baking Tools and Equipment

Take your baking to the next level with our sourdough bread baking tools. Having the right tools and equipment to use in the baking process can really help you create the perfect loaf. Fancy getting that artisan look for your loaf of bread? Why not use an oval banneton (sourdough basket for proofing), or a dough whisk to help mix your ingredients together. You Knead Sourdough stock high quality tools and equipment and we are always expanding our product range, so check in regularly!


How To Flour A Banneton?

Apply a good coating of flour (rice flour works best - if you don’t have this you can use all purpose flour). You should also lightly coat your dough before going into the banneton for the best chance of it not to stick.

How To Use A Banneton Basket?

A banneton is used during the final proof of a dough. It helps to keep the shape of the dough and sometimes even imprints a pattern on the dough which you’ll see on your final loaf of bread. Place the dough in the well floured banneton before covering and placing into the fridge overnight for the final proof.

Do I Need A Banneton?

Not necessarily - sometimes people use a bowl with a tea towel to proof their dough, however a banneton (made of rattan) can help draw moisture away from the skin of the dough which helps get a better crust on your final loaf. It’s also much easier to help it not to stick!

How To Clean A Banneton Basket?

Dry out your banneton after each bake by leaving it in the oven as it cools down following your bake. After it’s dry, use a hard bristle brush to scrub away and caked on flour.

Must Have Baking Tools?

A good bench scraper to make handling your dough so much easier, a danish dough whisk to make mixing your dough a breeze and a good quality sharp bread lame to score your dough prior to baking.