Sourdough Flour and Sourdough Starter Kits

Take your sourdough bread to the next level. No more plain and weak supermarket flour - taste and see the difference by using our high quality, high protein sourdough flour produced by Flinders Ranges Premium Grain. There is simply no comparison - it is much fresher and has a much higher protein content to produce strong and delicious loaves of sourdough bread (and any other bread products!). This is the same flour used to produce our dried sourdough starter. Don't fancy waiting weeks to make your own starter? Buy a sourdough starter and have your very own strong and active starter in as little as 2 days, ready to make sourdough!


What Is Sourdough Starter?

A sourdough starter contains the wild yeast that produces sourdough bread with distinct sourdough flavours. People have been using sourdough starters to make bread for thousands of years.

How Long Can A Sourdough Starter Last?

A sourdough starter will last as long as you keep feeding it. There are stories of sourdough starters being hundreds of years old and still making delicious loaves of sourdough!

What Is White Bread Flour?

White bread flour contains a higher protein content (gluten) than all purpose flour, which helps to give bread a chewier texture and crispier crust.


What Is The Point Of A Sourdough Starter?

A sourdough starter is the original way of making bread (sourdough). As the fermentation time is longer, many people find that sourdough is easier on their stomach - plus it’s cheap and easy!

Where Do I Get Sourdough Starter?

You can make a sourdough starter from scratch, however it can take quite a while for it to become active and even longer for it to produce strong loaves that have really great flavour. We have dried our sourdough starter, which is years old, to let you skip this waiting period and start making sourdough straight away!