Dried sourdough starter

Dried Sourdough Starter

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A packet of dried sourdough starter flakes. This is what makes sourdough, sourdough! The sourdough starter contains the wild yeast that produces bread with distinct sourdough flavours. Simply follow the instructions in the recipe (provided with the kit) or on the recipe section of the site to begin your very own sourdough starter.

No need to wait multiple weeks for a strong starter to develop, using these dried sourdough starter flakes will have your starter strong and ready to make your first loaf of artisan sourdough bread in as little as 2 days!

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Daniel Oliver
What a great way to start!

I received my sourdough starter in the mail very quickly. Their instructions and recipe are clear and easy to follow. Would definitely recommend this starter as the sourdough was delicious, though my skills in shaping will need a little practice!

Kylie Mulholland
Look no further than this starter!!

Amazing!! I struggled with my own starter and while my loaves were ok they are nothing compared to the sourdough made with this starter. I must admit i was a bit skeptical but the bubbles, the rise, the eating of the bread!!! Blown away by the quality and ease. Thank you!!

Cyndi Gleeson
Easy, peasy

The instructions were clear, concise and easy to follow. My first loaf turned out amazingly and my starter is still going strong. Highly recommend 🍞

Lyndal Carruthers
Dried Sour Dough starter

Many attempts at home made starter have failed. This starter was perfect from the beginning - have made a delicious white sourdough and a rye sourdough. Both have tasted delicious and authentic

Kate Bouterakos
Great starter

This is the second time I’ve purchased this and it has been great both times!