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You Knead Sourdough Josh

Hey I'm Josh, founder of You Knead Sourdough. I decided to start this little project out of a pure love of baking. I've been making lots of delicious sourdough bread and love sharing with friends and family.

I am always asked "wow, how do you do that?" and my answer is always "it's easy!". So after helping out some friends make their own sourdough, I thought I'd set out to help as many people as possible make their own delicious artisan sourdough from scratch.

I've aimed to get the best possible ingredients for sourdough bread making; we source bread flour from Flinders Ranges Premium Grain, a farm located in South Australia. The quality of FRPG’s flour has been recognised internationally for quality and consistency. I've personally been using their flour for a long time and am always delighted with the results. I'm sure you will be too! We also aim to provide high quality baking equipment - I expect good quality equipment when I make my sourdough, and I know you do too. All equipment is checked for quality before sending out.

I'm excited for you to join me on this sourdough bread making journey! I am always eager to hear from you and see the results you've achieved. I look forward to seeing pictures of your bread - send them through to our Facebook or Instagram pages and they'll definitely be shared!

Happy baking!