Mockmill Flour and Grain Mills

Mockmill Australia produces an exciting range of flour and grain mills designed in Germany to help home bakers add new and exciting techniques into their baking. You can mill a large range of dry ingredients and really extend your capabilities of home baking with a Mockmill grain mill.

Supermarket flour can sit on the shelf for a really long time - by using a Mockmill 100 or Mockmill 200 Professional (to really take your baking to the next level) you can be sure the flour you are using is completely fresh. Taste the difference of using freshly ground grain in your baking by using a Mockmill flour mill grinder today.

You can also grind just about anything that is raw and dry. Fancy grinding your own spices so they can be used fresh in your cooking? No problem! The Mockmill range can handle that without issue. Check out the table below for a guide on what can be ground using a Mockmill:

Mockmill flour and grain mill list


What Is Grain Milling?

Grain milling is using whole grain - be it wheat, rye, etc. - and grinding it down to use in baked products. You can also grind anything dried - eg. spices.

How Does A Grain Mill Work?

Whole grains are added to the hopper - the tub at the top. The grain is fed between 2 stone (1 spinning) where is is ground to the desired thickness to use in your recipe. It can grind quite finely too.

How To Mill Grain At Home?

The only way to get a consistent grind is by using a home grinding machine. The Mockmill Range of grinders are the best in the industry and get consistent results when grinding grains.

Can You Store Milled Grain?

Of course! It’s not different than buying flour from the supermarket (which would have been ground months and months ago). This way you know exactly how fresh your ingredients are that you are using in your food.

What Is The Process Of Milling Grains?

You need to source whole grains - these grains are then fed into the Mockmill grinders and ground down into the flour you use in your bread recipe. The taste of freshly ground flour is really noticeable!