Complete sourdough starter kit
complete sourdough starter kit
complete sourdough starter kit
homemade sourdough bread
dried sourdough starter
complete sourdough starter kit
fresh homemade sourdough bread
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Complete Sourdough Starter Kit

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Do you ever walk into a bakery or a market stall and smell the fresh sourdough bread and wish you could fill your house with that smell? You can! This complete sourdough starter kit will have you baking your own delicious sourdough at home in no time. Great for both new and experienced bakers, this kit has all the tools you knead to produce nutritious and beautiful looking artisan sourdough bread that will not only taste great, but look great as well. There is enough bread flour in the kit to make 3-4 loaves. As an added bonus, the ongoing costs to continue your sourdough journey are extremely minimal; all you need is flour!

The You Knead Sourdough Starter Kit contains:

Bread Flour

2 kilograms of high protein bread flour. The wheat is grown and milled by South Australian farmers Flinders Ranges Premium Grain. They have grown their own wheat in the Flinders Ranges for generations and the flour they produce has been recognised internationally for it's quality and consistency. The high protein content in the flour ensures a great loaf of sourdough bread that is always full of flavour, chewy and has a great crust. This will be enough for your first 3-4 loaves of sourdough and to replenish your sourdough starter.

Sourdough Starter

A packet of dried sourdough starter flakes. This is what makes sourdough, sourdough! The sourdough starter contains the wild yeast that produces bread with distinct sourdough flavours. Simply follow the instructions in the recipe provided or on the guide section of the website to begin your very own sourdough starter. As long as you keep feeding your starter it will live forever!

Oval Banneton with Cloth Liner

25cm long oval rattan banneton that you will proof your sourdough bread in. Rattan bannetons are extremely useful to the sourdough bread making process. It will let your dough breathe and will draw moisture from the surface of the dough, helping to give that extra crunch to your sourdough bread.

Danish Dough Whisk

Special shaped whisk to help incorporate the flour, water, sourdough starter and salt. Much easier and faster than a spoon!

Bread Lame

A lame (pronounced ‘Lahm’, a French word meaning blade) is a special tool that is used to score (cut) the dough before it goes into the oven so it can expand.

Dough/bench scraper

Pretty straight forward! As sourdough is quite a wet dough this scraper comes in handy to make sure you can get all of your dough off the bench. Also makes shaping the dough a breeze.

Sourdough Starter Instructions and Sourdough Bread Recipe

The sourdough starter kit has printed instructions explaining how to activate your dried sourdough starter flakes, as well as a sourdough bread recipe with detailed instructions (and when to use all of the equipment for your first loaf of sourdough bread). Plenty of useful video links in it as well for all the visual learners out there!

You can also find all this information on the guide section of the website (along with photos of the process).

What you need:

  • Mixing bowl
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Oven
  • Baking paper

Optional (beneficial but not required):

  • Dutch oven - used to create steam to help the bread rise. Without this you can still create steam in your oven by pouring boiling water in a hot tray at the bottom of your oven.
  • Kitchen scales - to accurately weigh ingredients. You can use measuring cups however you'll get a more consistent result if you weigh everything.

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Debbie Walker
Well worth the effort

Mixing up the starter was easy and discovering each day that I was finally making starter was so exciting. Following the instructions was easy and the process of making the loaf not as daunting as first thought. I would definitely recommend Complete Sourdough Starter Kit to first timers

Emily Ebdell

Wonderful product and service, and I now.have the ability to make the most delicious sourdough. Highly recommended

Monika Ruzicka

Excellent and easy way to start baking bread at home. Everyone should give it a try.

Cristena Tadgell
Sourdough beginner

Got my kit and so excited. Can finally give it a go. Easy to follow and started making bread for my family. Lovely to have home baked sourdough with our meals. Thank you

Margaret Johnston
Sourdough Starter KIt

I love this kit! It has everything needed for a perfect loaf and I've been having the bread toasted for breakfast every morning with butter and homemade raspberry jam. Bliss. Now I need to get another banneton so I can double the amount so I can give one away!