Dried Sourdough Starter


A packet of dried sourdough starter flakes. This is what makes sourdough, sourdough! The sourdough starter contains the wild yeast that produces bread with distinct sourdough flavours. Simply follow the instructions in the recipe (provided with the Complete Sourdough Starter Kit) or on the recipe section of the site to begin your very own sourdough starter.

No need to wait multiple weeks for a strong starter to develop, using these dried sourdough starter flakes will have your starter strong and ready to make your first loaf of artisan sourdough bread in as little as 2 days!

Customer Reviews

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Sourdough Dehydrated Flakes

I love sourdough baking but I could never get a “starter” going let alone keep it alive. My last hope was the dehydrated flakes, success 🎉🎉🎉. The instructions were very clear and it WORKED! I couldn’t recommend them highly enough, if you are unsure just try it. You won’t be disappointed.

Good Service, quick delivery

Product arrived quickly, they only thing I would say is it would be great if they could include the instructions on how to hydrate the Sourdough flakes

Sourdough for everyone

This is a fantastic product! I have recommended dried flakes to several friends who are interested in making their own bread. I have thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with several different recipes including using wholemeal flour and different seeds.

Cassandra Crozier

Fantastic products and service.
Great to be able to buy sourdough starter and not having to make it from scratch.
Will buy from again

Isabella M
So easy to make & I now want to make bread every week!

I got my first kit for my birthday as I’ve been wanting to make sourdough for so long. So happy with this starter, it was a bit of a trial with my first one and I sadly killed it after 6 months when I went away :(

The recipes for the sourdough & to feed your starter are so easy. Would recommend to anyone!