White Bread Flour

2kg pack of high protein bread flour. The wheat is grown and milled by South Australian farmers Flinders Ranges Premium Grain.

The environment in which Flinders Ranges Premium Grain grow their high-protein wheat lends itself to production of flour with any extremely high dough strength with great extensibility. Flinders Ranges Flour was bred to exhibit sponge and dough characteristics which is excellent for quality artisan style bakery products, laminated pastry products, (e.g. croissants), pasta, noodles and frozen dough.

All FRPG wheat is ‘Single Origin’ and grown in the sun-drenched, naturally clean environment of the southern Flinders Ranges, and is traceable from all the way from the paddock to the baker. The wheat has been bred by traditional methods and does not have any genetically modified material. It is white wheat which produces white flour and requires no artificial colouring or bleaching.

The quality of FRPG’s Flinders Ranges Flour has been recognised internationally for quality and consistency.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Ann-maree Davey
Great bread knife and starter

The bread knife cuts like a hot knife on butter.
The starters very quick to make.
Really easy to make a great tasting loaf

Only bread I will use for sourdough

It’s a beautiful texture and makes lovely bread 😊

Judy Purcell
White Flour

The high protein content gives great taste, great texture and great rising. Love it.

Sourdough kit

I received the kit as a valentines gift! I love it 😻 I’ve only made one loaf so far and it was delicious! The white bread flour is great! I’d also love to see in the future a wholemeal flour as an option! But as I’m new to bread making I’m not sure if that’s possible with sourdough?
Highly recommend this kit, high quality products 🥖 aswell as the service that goes with it, the team are more than happy answer any questions 😁

Deb M
Fabulous products

Always a pleasure to buy products from here. Flour quality is amazing! Super quick delivery, always quick to answer any queries in a friendly and supportive way, what is not to like about this business?