25cm Oval Banneton with Cloth Liner - Sourdough Basket

Constructed of 100% Rattan, which is natural and sustainable, this banneton is perfect for proofing your sourdough bread. The banneton helps shape all types of bread into beautiful looking loaves, whilst also providing additional benefits. Rattan helps draw moisture from the surface of the dough, which helps achieve the crunchiest of crusts. It also comes with a linen cover that you can place over the banneton.

There are no harsh chemicals in natural rattan so your bread isn’t exposed to anything harmful compared to something like plastic. Choose a rattan banneton to create beautiful artisan sourdough bread!


  • 100% natural rattan banneton
  • Hand made
  • Safer alternative to plastic
  • Hidden staples so no interference with your food

This banneton is not for use in the oven, only for proofing. Please do not expose to temperatures over 40℃

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jodi Webb
So fun

The whisk is a dream to use the best dough storing device I’ve ever used. I really liked doing my final rise in the bannetons also the easiest thing to remove the dough from I’ve ever used for proofing. The Lame is the most fun knife I’ve ever used it makes scoring the dough a real delight


I purchased your products after a rave recommendation from my friend who knows how much I love sourdough. I ordered straight away and the result was absolutely gorgeous! I wont be paying $12 for a loaf of decent sourdough ever again!! I also found the flour to be such high quality that making the starter from this directly is no trouble at all (unlike all the other flours I have e tried in the past). Great product and will be purchasing supplies again. Used for foccacia, bread loaf, pikelets, crumpets, pizza.

Jon Hobbs
Banner on x 2

The banneton and cloth liner work perfectly, allowing second fermentation yet releasing so easily with a light flouring.
Size works well too in a domestic setting as is matched to a standard Dutch oven. This led me to buy a second banneton to allow making a double batch of dough with a staggered bake using my single dutch oven.
Thanks folks - the recipe and tools in the starter kit work well together.


Dean Bennett
For Bricks to Bread...

I have been an amateur bread maker or should I say brick maker for years. But with help from you knead sourdough & the 25cm Oval Banneton with cloth liner
I feel my apprenticeship is over, a true Baker is born.