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You Knead Sourdough

22cm Round Banneton with Cloth Liner - Sourdough Basket

22cm Round Banneton with Cloth Liner - Sourdough Basket

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  • Quality Australian ingredients (supporting Australian farmers)
  • Thousands of happy home baking customers

Constructed of 100% Rattan, which is natural and sustainable, this 22cm round banneton with cloth liner is perfect for proofing your sourdough bread. The banneton helps shape all types of bread into beautiful looking loaves, whilst also providing additional benefits. Rattan helps draw moisture from the surface of the dough, which helps achieve the crunchiest of crusts. It also comes with a linen cover that you can place over the banneton.
There are no harsh chemicals in natural rattan so your bread isn’t exposed to anything harmful compared to something like plastic. Choose a rattan banneton to create beautiful artisan sourdough bread!
This banneton is not for use in the oven, only for proofing. Please do not expose to temperatures over 40℃

  • 100% natural rattan banneton
  • Hand made
  • Safer alternative to plastic
  • Hidden staples so no interference with your food
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