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You Knead Sourdough

Couche Baker's Cloth 90cm x 65cm

Couche Baker's Cloth 90cm x 65cm

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  • Quality Australian ingredients (supporting Australian farmers)
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Our linen Baker's Couche is used to support sourdough bread dough while it is proofing - best suited for sourdough baguettes. After the bulk fermentation stage, the dough is shaped and placed between the folds of the Couche which helps to shape and support the dough while they proof. The linen also helps to draw moisture away from the surface of the dough (similar to a banneton) to help give a great crust on your finish product.

  • Dust Baker's Couche with rice flour or bread flour before placing your dough in the folds to avoid sticking
  • Do not bake using the Couche - dough is transferred to a sheet pan or baking stone after proofing.
  • Do not wash your Baker's Couche. After proofing, allow your Couche to air dry and brush off any excess flour. Scrape off any stubborn dry dough with your bench scraper.
  • Ensure Couche is completely dry before rolling up to store.
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