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Vegetable Carbon Black Powder - Natural Food Colouring for Sourdough

Vegetable Carbon Black Powder - Natural Food Colouring for Sourdough

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  • Quality Australian ingredients (supporting Australian farmers)
  • Thousands of happy home baking customers

Introducing our Vegetable Carbon Black Powder – the bold and natural choice to infuse your sourdough with a touch of drama! Elevate your baking experience with this intense and jet-black powder, specially crafted to turn your dough into a striking masterpiece.

Derived from high-quality sources, our Carbon Black Powder is a testament to the power of natural ingredients. As you mix and shape your sourdough, witness the magical transformation as the dough takes on a deep and mysterious black hue.

Beyond its visual allure, our Carbon Black Powder imparts a neutral flavour, ensuring that your sourdough maintains its authentic taste while making a bold statement in appearance. It's the perfect fusion of visual impact and culinary excellence, enhancing your baking without compromising on quality.

Using our powder is a breeze – simply follow our instructions: incorporate 5g of Carbon Black Powder for every 500g of flour, and watch your dough embrace the dark side. Plus, with no artificial additives or preservatives, you can trust that you're enhancing your sourdough with a pure and natural ingredient.

Ideal for both seasoned bakers and kitchen enthusiasts, our Carbon Black Powder provides a simple yet powerful way to make your bread stand out. Embrace the depth, intensity, and intriguing black colour in your kitchen – turn each loaf into a work of art that's as visually striking as it is delicious. Make a statement with your sourdough using our Carbon Black Powder and let your creativity shine!

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