Sourdough Stories - Baking Sourdough Bread

  • How to Feed Your Sourdough Starter: Everything Your Need to Know

    Congratulations, you’ve just become the proud parent of a sourdough starter! We have compiled a list of everything you need to know about feeding your sourdough starter. That way you can keep the little yeasty alive for days, months and even years if you’re looking for something more long-term.
  • Sourdough Tools & Equipment You'll Need to Make the Perfect Loaf

    You can’t create the Sistine Chapel of sourdough with an ancient wooden spoon and a pasta bowl from the cupboard. You need to arm yourself with the right tools and equipment, otherwise your sourdough loaf will resemble more of a charred cookie than a loaf of bread. 
  • Top 10 Tips & Tricks for Making Sourdough

    So, you’ve decided to jump on the trend and start baking your own sourdough?

    Whether it was the bare bread aisles during the peak of lockdown, or a yearning for a culinary adventure that led you here, you’ve come to the right place. Think of me as your sourdough spirit guide. I will help you to navigate the strange and unfamiliar world of sourdough, so you too, can master the art of baking the crunchy, fermented bread that has taken the world by storm.

  • Secrets to Making Sourdough at Home - The Beginner Baker’s Essential Tips for Homemade Sourdough Success

    One of the lighter sides to lockdown was the social media frenzy and subsequent joke-telling around the sudden surge in amateur bakers becoming online experts in the art of sourdough making.

    Before then, few Aussies considered baking sourdough bread at home. We still see sourdough as an artisan product. After all, it’s the priced-up piece of toast beneath the avocado smash that everybody within a six suburb radius raves about. 

    That’s not just because sourdough is clearly the superior bread when it comes to the crunch, but because it’s commonly believed that sourdough is difficult to make at home. 

    However – with some Australian Sourdough Starter, a reliable recipe and a few practice runs, you’ll soon be making successful sourdough from scratch faster than a celebrity chef’s career plummeting off a commercial ratings cliff edge.

  • What is Sourdough Bread? A Beginner’s Guide

    Perhaps you’ve eaten it toasted beneath some smashed avo or had your Instagram feed flooded with images of homemade sourdough during the peak of the 2020 lockdown. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself: what is this mysterious, crunchy, tangy bread the world has come to know and love?